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What Monday Night Football taught me about passion and blogging

What did Monday night Football teach me about blogging?      

I’m not a writer, I never enjoyed writing, I struggle with finding the right words to put down on the paper and I struggle with the mindset that I have to come up with the best content or most eloquent words otherwise it won’t be good enough and will everyone think this is “stupid”?

While watching Monday Night Football I found myself on Twitter (@PrestigeBBQOven). I have a massive 191 followers and to tell you the truth, I have zero interaction with them. Frankly, I struggle with whether or not I should shut my Twitter account down because it feels like a waste of my time. For whatever reason, I decided to tweet my reactions to the game and didn’t care if I was tweeting to myself or if anybody responded. I followed hashtags and replied to others questions even if I didn’t get a response back. I simply typed words and hit the send button not caring if what I typed sounded stupid or dumb. I was excited about the game; my team was coming from behind. There was a buzz of excitement in the room. My wife and I were jumping up and down yelling and screaming at the TV. I found it easy to find the words to tweet and I was tweeting a lot.

In the end, my team won – they came from behind and made football history “Yah team!” But what struck me was I realized I had the passionate emotion for my team and the game and it was easy and effortless for me to write about what I was passionate about (even if it was 140 characters or less). I related this to my business and recalled when I was in the start up phase I would often daydream about what my business would be like. I would go thru scenarios in my head where I would talk about my company and my services and was proud, excited and passionate about it. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my service and the reaction they would give me. Now that I’m up and running the reality of running a business has brought me down out of the clouds and I’m spending every waking minute on some aspect of the business. As a new entrepreneur, you don’t realize all that you have to do and how hard it is to run a small business – it can be tiring at times.

What did I learn about myself and writing from Monday Night Football?

If I’m excited and passionate about my business it is easier to write than I’m making it out to be. I think the reality of business life has stalled my excitement a bit but I am still passionate about what I do. I need to quit thinking of writing a blog as a chore, something that I have to do, “Uugh! ANOTHER thing to put on my list.” or “I’ll get to it at some point” or whatever excuse I come up with.

I have an incredible opportunity to present content about a service not too many people know much about or that it even exists. I have the opportunity to create a new industry and define what it is and what a customer can expect from it. Content should be boundless for me – IF, I only put it on paper!

Your turn

Are you still passionate about your business? When the reality of business gets you down, what do you do to get the passion and excitement back? Does writing a blog come easy or do you struggle with it like I do?

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