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Stainless Steel Scratch Removal

As of 06/01/2021 We are no longer providing Stainless Steel Scratch Removal

Stainless Steel Appliance Scratch Repair & Removal

Stainless steel represents quality and a clean, high-end look. Besides fingerprintsGE oven door scratch removal on stainless steel scratches are the most annoying part about owning stainless steel appliances. Fingerprints you can clean away but scratches? Scratches in stainless steel sinks and on appliances can make those high dollar investments look cheap.

While the term “Stainless” implies durable, tough and easy cleaning, stainless steel is actually very fragile and easy to damage and scratch.

Removing scratches from Stainless Steel used to be impossible…

But technological advances have now made it possible to repair stainless steel sinks, refrigerators, ranges and other household appliances that have been scuffed or scratched right back to new again.

Prestige BBQ and Oven Cleaning utilizes a proven stainless steel appliance scratch repair process that is endorsed by all of the major appliance manufacturers.


  • Kitchen refrigerators, range hoods, sinks, and cabinets
  • Kitchen back splashes and counter tops
  • Stainless steel outdoor kitchens and BBQ lids
  • Light to deep scratches and gouges
  • Stains and discoloration

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  • Stainless Steel kitchen appliances, sinks, countertops and cabinets
  • Chemical stains and discoloration
  • Heat scorching
  • Light to deep scratches and gouges
  • Door way kick plates
  • Rust removal
  • Graffiti removal on stainless steel restroom partitions

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