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Thank you for your support!

I posted this on my Facebook page on Thanksgiving Day. I didn’t think of this as a blog post but probably should have…

As a new business owner I am thankful for many things. What I was not prepared for but am thankful for the most was the kindness and generosity I would get from other business owners willing to go out of their way to give me guidance, referrals and their time. It’s hard to say a business is a success when you still count months since you’ve opened your doors but without these businesses I would not be where I am today. I consider my business to be a success because of the relationships built with these local businesses and business owners. These local businesses have been phenomenal in supporting me by recommending my service to their customers. Mountain High Appliance in Louisville, Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces and Heat Wave Stove and Spa both in Boulder. To all of you and your employees, I humbly thank you and appreciate everything you’ve done to support me! Tom Spitz with NY Scratch Removal has taught me so much and has given me so much of his time and insight – THANK YOU TOM! Graham Rodgers with OvenGleamers. I’m humbled by any business owner willing to help another but I’m blown away by Graham being in the UK and still willing to answer my questions, provide suggestions and how-to’s. I can’t thank Graham enough for all of his help and guidance in getting my oven cleaning side of the business up and running – I only hope that someday my business will be as successful as his! From my family to you and your employees – THANK YOU!

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