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Oven Cleaners- “Fume-free” and 7 other uses

Oven cleaning is one of those chores around the house that we all put off till it gets so nasty and embarrassing that we finally feel compelled to do something. If you have a self cleaning oven do you use it? Do you go to the store to buy an oven cleaner? Do you buy an all-natural cleaner or the name brand oven cleaner?

If you purchase the name brand aerosol type oven cleaner (or generic brand) you might already know that the fumes can be ghastly. What about “fume-free” oven cleaners? If you’ve taken the time to read the labels on oven cleaners claiming to be “fume-free,” the labels might warn: “Vapor harmful… open windows and doors or use other means to ensure fresh air entry during application and drying.” The label might also mention the product contains an unidentified substance “known to the state of California to cause cancer.” So much for “fume-free”!

There’s no getting around the fact that oven cleaners are toxic, harmful to you, your children and your pets. Readers Digest recently ran a story on their website called “7 unbelievable uses for oven cleaner” http://www.rd.com/home/remarkable-uses-for-oven-cleaner/. To use the word “unbelievable” is an accurate statement because anything we buy to clean with especially around our food or where we will cook our food should not be able to “strip paint”.

What’s my opinion on oven cleaners? If the label warns: “Warning: …DANGER: CORROSIVE…WILL BURN EYES AND SKIN. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, mucous membranes and clothing. DO NOT ingest. Use only with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing spray mist. Wear long rubber gloves when using…” IT”S NOT WORTH BUYING OR USING!

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  2. I liked the article, Ill be back to read more of your blog later =)

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