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BBQ Grill Cleaning – Review of a KitchenAid outdoor BBQ Grill Cleaning

Kitchenaid BBQ Grill CleaningKitchenAid BBQ Grill Cleaning

Grills obviously come in all shapes and sizes. Well, so can grill cleaning. This is my review of a KitchenAid outdoor grill cleaning I recently did.

I’ve cleaned a few KitchenAid bbq grills before but this one was a little different. Upon initial inspection, I wasn’t sure if the owner sprayed the front of the grill with white spray paint or not. It turned out that the grill was so dirty that they decided to use oven cleaner and didn’t wash it clean but instead let it dry. This was the first time I had come across this situation and wasn’t sure how easily the oven cleaner would come off.

Before I get into why it’s a bad idea to use oven cleaner on your stainless steel grill I’m going to speak about what I like about this KitchenAid BBQ grill.

Overall appearance

I believe the owner stated this grill was 4-6 years old. Its big, a full 48” wide and looks like its built solid. The cabinet was constructed very well and had a lot of room for storage. On some other brands I’ve come across the cabinet doors “feel” like an afterthought, they might not sit on the hinges correctly or the construction appears to be thrown together using lesser grades of stainless steel. The doors on this KitchenAid ‘felt” like they were designed into the cabinet and intentionally made; they had some weight to them making them swing easily on the hinges without sagging.

Depending on where the owner purchased this grill and its age my research shows this particular model is discontinued. It appears KitchenAid teamed up with Lynx Professional Grills to make a line of outdoor grills for them. If this is part of that line than the price tag would put it somewhere around $1,800 up to $3,600. If Lynx manufactured this grill than it was made in the USA – Commerce, CA, made of high quality 304 stainless steel. This might explain the “feel” of the quality as Lynx Professional Grills only fabricates top quality grills.


The grill itself has three U-shaped burners that easily pulled out, and an infrared rotisserie burner. The ignition system was easy and quick to light the burners. The control knobs were a durable plastic that pulled off easily and were easily cleaned.

The lid itself was heavy duty, had some weight to it and built with a solid stainless steel handle. The hinge system wasn’t the same as Lynx with the lid assist but easy to operate.


Cleaning inside the burner box was pretty easy (other than the amount of grease build-up). The interior appeared to be constructed of the same 304 stainless steel; again, the burners were easily removed allowing full ability and ease to clean where the burners sit.

Cleaning the underside of the lid is always a challenge on every grill brand. Since this is where the heat is stopped and trapped it can be very difficult if not impossible to remove all of the black or burn out of the metal. While this one came out pretty clean it was difficult to get this clean and took some additional time.

The grates are made from 3/8” dia 304 stainless steel rod; this is a typical grate construction. Depending on the amount of grilling one does and if they’ve ever cleaned the grates themselves will depend on how easy they are for me to clean. These grates did not pose much of a problem for me to get clean.

The outside of the cabinet was tough to clean because of the oven cleaner. It was sprayed on and left to dry over a period of time leaving white dots everywhere. DO NOT USE OVEN CLEANER ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR BARBEQUE GRILL! Even though the can states it is safe for stainless steel oven cleaner will and did stain this grill surface. You can see from other’s experience this can be a common problem – Easy-Off oven cleaner can damage Stainless Steel Surfaces . After using every weapon in my arsenal I could not remove all of the white stains without scratching the stainless steel. Oven cleaner is toxic https://prestigegrillcleaning.com/oven-cleaners-fume-free-and-other-uses/, and dangerous to your health (another article for another time).


I liked this KitchenAid outdoor BBQ grill for many reasons.

–          Overall appearance

–          Quality of materials used

–          Ease of cleaning

If you’re in the market to purchase a new barbeque grill and find one of these on Craig’s List you would be purchasing a good quality grill that should last you a very long time.

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  1. ross reed says:

    I have one of these and Im trying to get the model number .but cant find it unless its on the bottom. its very heavy. I need to convert it to propane if possible .

    • Hello Ross, unfortunately, I cannot help you locate the model number. KitchenAid typically puts the model tag on the ends of the control panel. If it’s not there it might be behind the control panel by removing it. Beyond that, I might be searching high and low myself. Good luck!

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