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Denver Grill Cleaning

Grill grate Cleaning, Denver grill cleaningGrill cleaning even at the best of times is a chore that nobody enjoys doing. We’ve all been there. After a season of backyard BBQ’s with friends, family get-together’s along with the unpredictable Colorado weather, getting the grill clean can become especially laborious, frustrating and time consuming.

Your spouse is getting on you to clean the grill so you set aside time on the weekend. You run to the hardware store and stare at the multiple cleaners on the shelf not sure what will work or what to use. You try the cleaner that was suggested to you only to come home and realize the fumes are too strong and it doesn’t work as advertised. You’ve spent a couple of hours cleaning so far and didn’t get the right scrubbers, you’re frustrated, sore and tired. It’s getting late and you’re not making another trip back to the store to get more supplies so you give up. Up till now you’ve had no other options.

Denver Grill Cleaning, Colorado grill cleaning

Finally! A Denver grill cleaning service for you

Prestige BBQ and Oven Cleaning is a Broomfield-based BBQ grill cleaning service. With our unique and environmentally friendly grill cleaning system we can quickly get rid of the most stubborn of baked-on grease and carbon deposits, transforming your grill back to it’s original beauty!

Our grill cleaning service makes it easy and convenient for you. A professional grill cleaning safely and effectively removes all traces of grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits sterilizing all cooking surfaces eliminating carcinogens and bacteria. Not only does a professional grill cleaning provide health benefits but also protects your investment thru the winter and can extend the life of a grill. Our mobile operation saves you time and money. We come to you!

Benefits of a grill Cleaning:

  • Removes all traces of built up grease preventing possible flare-ups
  • A clean grill is a healthy hygienic grill by removing any traces of carcinogens that can transfer to your food
  • Extends the life of your grill by preventing future corrosion
  • Maintains gas efficiency with clean flowing burners and gas lines


Mike was able to make our very dirty grill look new again. I was amazed how he was able to keep the surrounding area spotless. Definitely worth the money for his service!…Denise H.

What can you expect from a professional grill cleaning?

  • Removal of grates, heat plates and all removable components and soaked in our custom steam bath
  • Thourough deep clean inside fire box
  • Removal of burners (not on all models) burner holes cleaned and burner inspected for rust or damage
  • Ignitors inspected
  • Test ignition system
  • Underside of lid cleaned
  • Exterior cabinet degreased and polished
  • Removal of all trash and debris

By choosing Prestige BBQ and Oven Cleaning you can expect:

  • On time arrival
  • Friendly and courteous operator who is respectful of your time and property
  • Fully insured
  • Protection of the surrounding area
  • Inspection of all working parts and operation of burners
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% caustic and fume free cleaning products
  • Our cleaning takes roughly 2 hours depending on the size, age and amount of build-up
  • How much does a grill cleaning cost? Click here

How amazing will your grill look after a professional grill cleaning from Prestige BBQ and Oven Cleaning?